Cosmetic Tooth Filling and Smile makeover

No matter how much you want your teeth to remain strong and healthy, a variety of factors can cause them damage. Whether by natural wear and tear, accidents, or neglect, your teeth may develop cracks and holes over the years.

Fortunately, your trusted Agarwal Dental Care can help. Tooth fillings are just one of the many options to choose from,and you don’t have to worry about an awkward shade, because at Agarwal Dental Care, tooth fillings are now tooth coloured!A dental filling is a treatment that restores and protects teeth that have been damaged by caries or tooth decay.

What Are Tooth Fillings?

Tooth fillings are durable materials bonded onto a tooth. This dental treatment has preventive and restorative features. By sealing the holes and cracks, further damage is prevented and the teeth’s capacity is restored. With tooth fillings, you can still function normally. Chewing and other mechanical functions of the teeth are not negatively affected.

What happens if the dental problem is disregarded?

If the above-mentioned dental problems are disregarded, further inconvenience and damage are likely to follow. Your oral health is compromised and more dental issues such as swelling, pulpal and periodontal disease, and eventual tooth loss are likely to follow.

Benefits of tooth fillings

There are many restorative options to choose from Agarwal Dental Care,Each dental treatment has its own benefits.

The Tooth Filling Procedure

The tooth filling procedure is quick and easy. Once it is established that you are an ideal candidate for the dental treatment, it only takes one dental appointment to have it. At your appointment, we will first clean your teeth, remove all the decayed parts, and condition the enamel. A dental dam is used to keep the target tooth dry during the process. A composite filling is placed and a curing light is used to harden it in place. After the procedure, tooth sensitivity might be experienced. If the sensitivity continues after two weeks, consult us.

Common Uses Of Tooth Fillings

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